Inspired By Its Surroundings

The Chrysanthemum is a modern interpretation of the rich architectural history of Boston's North End, creating its identity through its set-back terraced façade that gives out onto the street, its transformation of wrought iron fire escapes into a digitally designed and fabricated screen wall. An intimate rear courtyard underscores the motivation to create spaces that benefit from natural light and promote a state of well-being and permanence for its residents.


Blooming With Significance

The chrysanthemum flower inspires the ornamental design on the building's unique facade. Native to Boston and Hong Kong - the homeland of its developer - this common flower is a symbol for prosperity, long life and good health.


Building Features

  • Prime location within Boston's North End 100 Transitscore neighborhood. Closest ZipCar location is within 300m, and T station is within 400m.
  • Integrated storage spaces and bike racks for all units
  • Private balconies with prime views of Salem Street
  • Duplex penthouse residences with private roof decks
  • Intimate terrace courtyard at rear, accessible by all residents 
  • EFCO energy-efficient aluminum casement windows
  • Energy-efficient heat & AC controlled by Smart NEST thermostats in all units

Award-winning Architecture

The building's architectural firm, Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd. (KVA Matx), is an internationally recognized design practice that works at the intersection of architecture, digital technologies and emerging public needs.  The KVA team creates award winning, innovative designs that advance sustainable materials, buildings and cities.

The original design of the Chrysanthemum building won a prestigious Holcim Award in 2014 for being on the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation in sustainable construction.  This building has a carbon negative structure, the wood used to build it was harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council, effectively it keeps almost 100 million tons of CO2 from going back into the environment.